From projection to AR

This frustration with projection UI led me to the following medium comparison. This really came down to the benefits of projection being the communal aspect being a core benefit, the web being accessible to more people and more convenient and the AR being able to visualise the concept literally the best.

Photograph of medium comparison • David Valente

Will introduced the idea of presenting this clock in mobile AR. This is a medium I’m unfamiliar with but an a huge proponent for. I began the development for this medium with the following breakdown.

User needs, User goals, Constraints, Assumptions for AR:

Photograph of whiteboarding technique • David Valente

Understanding that AR is a hugely immersive experience compared to the traditional web/app model I wanted embrace this as much as possible with the first mockup. Mimicking Snapchats minimal icon based UI atop of a camera view filled viewport, done in attempt to keep the features discoverable while unobtrusive to the naturally immersive AR experiance. This is a very crude idea thats been proven not to work, however this allowed the AR portion to take centre stage.

AR UI Mockup 1 • David Valente

Here is a video Will made of the implementation at this stage.

Below is my second attempt to design for this medium. I wanted to challenge the notions that the experience should remain the the immersive AR view. I did by providing a portrait view with the user options visible, constraining the fullscreen AR view to landscape. One of the driving forces for me dong this, is to allow a familiar, proven method to present text on a phone, rather than struggling to present text in the AR UI. During a critique in class, there was a general consensus that the experience should remain in a single AR view throughout.

AR UI Mockup 2 • David Valente

Later this day I came across this exhibition piece being prepared.

Photograph of projected interface at LCC • David Valente

Above is an exhibition piece in LCC from another student, that, once again highlights the low information density that this medium is forced into.

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