Finishing touches

At the V&A shop I came across the The Oarsman's and Angler's Map of the River Thames. On this straight ribbon is projected the river Thames preserving the meanders wile compressing its longitudinal distance to something more usable on a rectangular scrolling interface. If we decide to not abstract points on the river down to … Continue reading Finishing touches

Weather app

This next one I wanted to model on an analogue clock model. Our interface has many similarities to a weather app. In respect the quantity of data, how it is structures and related and in the manner a person used the interface. Like a weather app the user knows what they are looking for when … Continue reading Weather app

Decomposition Cont.

From this report we found, we began to consider incorporating, visualising and communicating how different factors affect the decomposition of a body. In this wireframe are three vertical timelines. Each from bottom to top start from the death and at increments upwards, the passed time and information about what’s changed is presented at the bottom. The … Continue reading Decomposition Cont.