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In my research into AR and time visulisation, I found this app. There are many similarities with this app and the current state of our design. They have the same problems with segregating what content and UI is presented in the traditional sense that its attached to the device display, and what is displayed in context in the AR view.

One of the major problems we have been faced with throughout the AR design is that of discoverability. Feature discoverability is always a topic of conversation in the boardroom, however even the basic UI itself is highly problematic in this medium. There are two main approaches to mobile AR that I’ve found. One, shown in this video, is to make the user the centre of the AR experience forcing them to pan their device around to learn the whole UI, but only a very limited portion at a time this worked well for Google’s Photosphere’s, anyone who has used Google Maps Street View would be familiar with. The other is to present the whole UI in front of the user with a given reference point or their position when they enter the experience. This allows for a macro, helicopter-like view of the UI.

Neither of these approaches is best, but choosing one will be the defining factor of the interactivity understanding and enjoyment of the clock. Many games provide another solution in the form of icons on a map fixed to the display viewport or in the case of Sim Taxi, an arrow structuring the direction the set should take. While this can force engagement with the betterment of discoverability, this becomes tedious by forcing additional steps.

As of current, these appear as a list of possible directions, but it’s clear there are best practices here that have not been set in stone yet.

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