CTS week 1

My feelings for the class grew exponentially. Started off low — couldn’t unlock the door. I remember saying to one of my peers I had no idea what CTS was. I had no appreciation for the divide it has with other practices in this design school. This had changed by the end.

The session comprised engaging group work and administrative PDF scrolling. Included were a couple of explorative group work exercises during this first class (I’ve really been enjoying the creative exploration that is become a running theme in design school).
I noticed a contrast between this session and some of the previous, whereby, once the class had completed a creative exercise with a tangible presentable result, the teacher would usually have each member present to the whole class, as opposed to just touching on the highlights from some students, as was the case in this instance. I’ve had a love / hate relationship between these two approaches in the past. I guess it depends on context — context is key.

Day one ended with a self-reflective task. Research shows simply the act of writing down goals gives a person a significantly higher change of achieving it. Goal setting was not the intent of this task, however, I knew I would end up using it this way, thus that’s the direction I took.

The final seconds ended with a small assignment based around typography to prepare to the following week. Always leave them craving more…

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