Can Graphic Design Get Some Respect⸮

Over four months, the Wellcome Collection in London is hosting Can Graphic Design Save Your Life? In her fourth design-focused exhibition for the trust, curator Lucienne Roberts with Central Saint Martins design educator Rebecca Wright, explore impactful designs on health around the world. The entrance, made of a material to evoke transparency — appears like smoky glass thanks to … Continue reading Can Graphic Design Get Some Respect⸮

Project 5: Leonardo

The final brief, and another chance to explore non-random randomness. A quick thought provoking exercise involved spending half an hour creating a drawing with a pen, paper and something moving at LCC. So obviously we bought some fags and taped paper to the top of a couple of bins outside. This would show the remains … Continue reading Project 5: Leonardo

Project 4: Autonomous Crowd Management

Day one of the project was spent scouting out locations. We were looking for somewhere impactful were people would notice our projection, in an unobtrusive way, that would benefit the experiance of being or passing through a space. We wanted to be pragmatically constructive to our environment, while exercising our creative muscle. Both of the … Continue reading Project 4: Autonomous Crowd Management

Project 3: Have a Squircle Christmas

Finally out of my depth. For the first two week long projects in this five week series, my mind was instantly buzzing with ideas for what to implement for interesting and exploratory solutions. This time round, I was using a medium I’m not familiar with. I don’t have experience with experimenting with shapes. I am a design … Continue reading Project 3: Have a Squircle Christmas


I’ve always felt exhibitions have always failed to convey their value. Superficially at least. Through engagement, as they are designed, their message can be appreciated. Divided in two, Natural Selection — though only focused on birds — contains the bright and fun aspect of bird nest building on the ground floor, while burying the dark side of egg collecting … Continue reading …tweet