Half the world’s population, an estimated 3.2 billion people, are at risk from malaria, which causes 438,000 deaths every year. Calum Pether designed an interactive infographic about malaria, incorporating information about geographical spread, vectors of distribution and economic impact.


Access to the data from the machines we live with promises to enable new forms of interaction and dialogue between humans and computers. Rheanne McCormick hacked into her own car to obtain her driving data and proposed a data driven design.


If medicines can be delivered by tiny machines within the human body, how might they be controlled? Sijon Thapa designed a system for directing and managing a fleet of nano-bots intended to administer targeted therapies to specific human organs.


How does fake news spread? This doctored image of a Ugandan jet was posted on Facebook in the context of a South Sudanese military acquisition. This project traces who liked it or commented on it and where around the world they commented from.


Incitement to violence happens on social media in South Sudan but how much of it is in English? Fabio Amelia designed and built this project that compares the social media influence of Arabic language Facebook groups to English language ones.


The development of typography over time is shown in this interactive piece by Sheikh Nasar. The word ‘typography’ in the centre of the screen works as the main signifying device which updates to show different type styles as the page is scrolled.

Fela Kuti

This project is an interactive timeline of Fela Kuti album covers designed and coded by Mateusz Gryta. The purpose is to trace the course of Fela’s career in music and as an activist using album artwork as the index to his life. 

robot shelters

Autonomous shelters are despatched automatically to disaster zones, going where they are most needed and providing food shelter and protection to people threatened by natural disasters. Designed and built by Michelle Chong.

art transport

This interface is for an art transport system designed to foil thieves by providing real time updates on the vehicles carrying artworks to international destinations. Designed and coded by Mike Stashkiv the project shows stages in the journey of artworks.