Rather than sticking with one idea for the entirety of the project, we thought we would consider multiple ideas in parallel, thus developing multiple ideas to compete for the best. In the hope of providing better overall outcome.

This next idea, revolved around the ideas of hands and their daily narrative. We would collect diverse stories of individuals in different ages, cultures, professions and hobbies and translate these to hand stories to represent on the web. This would uncover all that is forgotten from our short-term memory. We took some photographs of people’s hand and made this mockup.



We also considered expanding on an idea of layers, adding layers to a land, each in chronological order revealing the story of the hand and this the individual. With the end goal, helping people question why they do — what they do, unconsciously.

Hands Illustration • David Valente

This interface below would be narrative, somewhat child-like, that would step through each stage with a scroll. I found this to be generic though it could have a good qualities through the quirkiness of the story.

Personified hands narrative mockup • David Valente

Another idea, is much more literal and information dense. A series of radio button controlled hands at the bottom, each belonging to a different person, and their story in a very simple literal form displayed just above. Unlike the story idea above, this simplified each hand to to being equal and took away all the personality and story. This interface is very connected to the source material of the individual; thus we would need to respect this in the final design.

Hands mockup 2 • David Valente

Late one night I though to visualise the metabolism of different people, and I made this. Fisnik didn’t like it, and given we had developed a couple of other ideas, we left this here.

Metabolism mockup • David Valente

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