Spinning dots

At this point I wanted to strip down the project to its most fundamental idea. This idea could work with many things, not just planets. Other distant galaxies, satellites and even just moving cars.

AR is designed to be an additional layer to our physical reality. To play of our real experiances and add to them. The current state of the AR clock encompasses an entire experience on its own merits in AR. It’s is not fully embracing the advantages of digitally manipulating the physical environment we exist in. It was at this point aI questioned whether we really needed to, or even if it was better to create this clock in this medium. Rather than drawing more diagrams to compare the mediums, I thought it’d be better just to experiment with some ideas and see what comes out. 

The first Idea I had following the spinning dots idea was to make a mass time dilation clock rather than a velicity time dilation clock. The effect of mass time dilation is much the same a velocity in that one parts experiences less time, however the controlling factor, rather than the distance and more importantly the velocity of the observed party, it’s the mass of the nearby object that manipulates the speed of perceived time. Simply put the closer one is to a relatively huge mass, the slower time passes. But the party themselves does not notice time passing slower, only a distant observer, far enough from the huge mass to not be affected by it.

Photograph of sketch of mass time dilation clock • David Valente

Maybe it was going to the Tate recently, but my initial ideas were all centred on simple human interactions with big objects, suitable for gallery or exhibition.

Here is a sketch of the idea. Two flat planes, one a wall and the other the adjacent floor. The wall would house a spinning marker or two. and the floor would be the interactive control for the user. The distance from the wall/clock would be marked on the floor, and using a proximity sensor mounted on the wall, the closer the user moved to the wall the slower time passed, indicated by the slowing speed of the animation playing on the wall. Providing further context, I thought to make the wall representative of the sun, say and the floor would be marked with the planets in out solar system.

Mockup of mass time dilation wall interface • David Valente

Here is a higher fidelity mockup of the idea. As the distance decreases, the rotation speed of the dash slows, just as it would should the speed of time slow down for an animation running at a constant speed. Post me making this mockup, I realised it would have made much more sense if the distance bar worked in the opposite direction, as now it implies that the greater the distance, the more the effect takes place.

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