The literal Trilogy

Inspired by side projects should be stupid, over Christmas I wanted to execute on some of the simpler ideas. These would not make their way to the final clock, but the exploration may provide insight for the final clock.


This was one of the ideas I had during the initial brainstorm, built of a wall of text with no hierarchy. It’s just a list of countries around the world, not all of them, and not selected by a specific method. The user can hover a country and know the time there. Everyone I showed this too responded with thats cool’. Maybe it has potential.

In coding this, I was one again reminded of my ignorance. I finished it, double checked it worked, before realising I had coded this to work from the users current time, rather that global GMT. Being in UTC 0, it was an easy mistake to make. 

Another global clock, this time I randomly selected a city or location form each of time zone and highlighted where the day begins in this series.


I wanted to show where UTC 0 was. I added a red dot to UTC 0. When I tested this users were confused by the correlation between this red dot and the red line. Rightly so, as there was none. I then made and endless series of minor adjustments to this core idea.

clock2 iterate.png
Side project 2 ideation • David Valente

Battling with the relation of the red objects in the UI and providing a contrasting hierachy lead me to the design that I liked, worked, but continued to result in confusion and misunderstanding of the UI elements purpose.

Looking at Mondrian’s art pieces, lead me to thinking I could communicate the conventional 12/24 hour clock using additive quantities of colour organised rectangles.


Using colour and shape was something I later saw at the Winter Lights in Canary Warf. Though I observed a positive reaction from other people viewing the pieces, all three are too abstract to be effective clocks. 

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Post updated on 20/01/2017

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