Brain dump

Initial ideation plus moodpboard • David Valente

Above is a screenshot of the sketch file of our initial ideation, containing: a moodboard of images for inspiration, short quotes from the two of us of ideas that could be developed, and simple mockups of possible directions.

In this initial phase I wanted to start out as abstract as possible, not focusing of the practical or conceptual, but on the silly ideas that have the possibility to be synthesised down to something realistic later.

Perception of time

In the following two concepts I wanted to explore the potential of visualising the relationship of people to their environment. One of the initial ideas I had, in regards to an interesting interaction to explore, would involve the physical distance the person reading the clock, manipulating the time or data it would display.

Spacial idea mockup • David Valente

This would be an abstract visualisation of the relative closeness of an individual to a specific measure of time directly relating to their proximity.

Time guess mockup • David Valente

As we perceive it, time is a constant correction to reality. We think it’s 13:15, but it’s really 13:50 for instance. This idea would collect and aggregate this data, ideally from a wide range of people, through the day, across different time zones in different cultures. From which we could produce interactive representations to show how our skewed perception of the current time changes across demographics. We could expand this to the time people thought it was, wished it was and wanted it to be.

Bubble clusters of significant events

Twitter sketch • David Valente

Another way to visualise the perception of time can involve significant events. This is an idea being explored in greater depth on an individualistic basis with a tree trunk as the framework for the visualisation. I thought we could aggregate mass data through Twitters API’s to show bubble clusters of events with the most traction on the platform and represent this on a timeline.

Environmental engagement

Violent Incident on display at the Tate Modern in London depicts the same scene repeated by different actors, swapping roles. This representation of information allows for a vivid interpretation of each video with an obvious corrolation between each of the 16 recordings. I felt this structure would work very well for visualising related time frames.

Video of Violent Incident by Bruce Nauman at Tate Modern, London • Ying-Ting Chiu

Similar to how users can view the user of a space live through websites such as EarthCam, I thought it would be interesting to display the historical use of a space to the current inhabitants. This would comprise of a camera filming the space and a TV displaying the recording. The video would either play back the feed in slow motion or at a specific delay. I felt repeating this in many locations would yield interesting results.

Mockup of elapsed time concept • David Valente

The above gif sows the same video with the current playback at evenly distributed points in each rectangle.

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