Project 1b: !Failure

When it came time to take this project digital, I was faced with the prospect to take more pictures to compensate to the negative (if you’ll pardon the pun) results thus far. However, I wanted to embrace the constraints and the process as a creative insight rather than sticking to naïve goal set at the start. Plus, my team was relatively unenthused in the prospect of more blank cards.

For the final webpage I kept the images as the negatives, rather than inverting them in the final stage of the process, to engage more in the process rather than the final result. This was not a planned decision, but rather a consequence of the results gained from the photographs. With failed outcomes based on the intended results, I wanted the continuing theme of this project to remain in the bubble of the process, and thus embracing this idea by not completing the photographs.

Back to the metaphor. In the ideation phase, to translate the learnings from the process to the final digital form, I divided the core ideas into the interaction for the user, forming a temporal relation element to this project, and the information conveyed to the user before, during and after the animation.

Pinhole camera ideation sketch • David Valente

Focusing on the process, a theme of a graph illustrating the relation between the shooting order and resulting brightness of the negative image emerged. We built on this idea including an interactive element and concluded this would be a good direction to take. We parted and Ran came back with a thorough design. 

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