Project 1a: Lost in the pinhole

Maze • David Valente

Temporal relations phase 1. The Literal phase — before the metaphor could give us all the ah-ha moment — was the construction of the Pinhole camera. The final cardboard camera was sleek, symmetrical, and just too small to fit the postcard sized photographic paper in. Following a recommendation, we then perused to wrap the whole camera in black duct tape and finished it with the addition of the pinhole.

Photograph of handmade pinhole camera • David Valente

On to taking some pictures, or trying at least. After the first two failed to provide the desired result, we decided to experiment. I cut a series of 4 postage stamp sized rectangles out the light sensitive paper in attempt to find the optimal exposure time.

Photograph of stairway • David Valente

We took to the arrowslit window in the uninviting stairwell to the IID dungeon to experiment fast in a convenient location near the darkroom. We first tried measured extreme’s for the exposure length to then narrow down, with the hope that this would provide a greater insight into the inner workings of this mysterious cube.

Text photographs • David Valente

In the end we tried 40, 80, 10 and 14 seconds (in that order), then used that valuable insight to take our last picture. Fortunately turned out to be out most successful. Though still abstract enough for me to embrace the ambiguity of it in the final widget on the webpage.

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